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Vision and goals

Create a vision and goals for your team so that you all agree on what you are aiming for and want to achieve.

  • 10 to 20 people maximum
  • 1 - 2 hours

Advice on a vision and goals workshop

Why have a vision and goals workshop


  • how your team vision relates to the Co-op's vision and mission
  • what you want to achieve as a team
  • how your goals and objectives relate to your vision
  • how to break your objectives down into weekly and daily tasks
  • how you will measure your progress against your vision, goals and tasks

Who is involved

All members of the team and key stakeholders including anyone in the office or working remotely at home.

When to do a vision and goals workshop

  • Create a vision and goals as one of the first things you do as a team
  • It's important that everyone in the team knows what the vision and goals are. They should be visible whenever your team reviews work or plans for the future.

Learn more

How we're making sure teams objectives align with the Co-op vision

How Google sets goals: OKRs


Related terms: vision, mission, goal, metric, objectives and key results (OKR’s), key performance indicator (KPI).

See definitions of these terms in our glossary.

How to run a vision and goals workshop

All of the steps and activities for creating a vision and goals are in this Miro board. This is so that your team can work together remotely in a shared visual space.

The Miro board includes:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Aims and principles for the session
  • Activity 1: Team purpose
  • Activity 2: Qualities a vision should haven
  • Activity 3: What kind of words do we want in our vision?
  • Activity 4: Building the vision statement
  • Activity 5: Ideas for goals
  • Activity 6: Things we can do to achieve our goals (metrics)
  • Vision goals and metrics template
  • Next steps
Open Miro board

To decide what to work on next go to ways of working workshops.

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