Eco-friendly funerals

Natural woodland burial ground with wild flowers.

If you’ve attended a funeral in the last couple of years, the chances are that it was at a crematorium or a religious building. But this isn't a tradition that you have to follow.

We’re seeing a move to personalise funerals, and a shift to a celebration of a life. And as part of this we’re also seeing an increase in requests for more environmentally sustainable funeral arrangements such as eco-friendly burials in an established woodland or natural setting - with low-key memorial options made of wood rather than the more traditional headstone.

Woodland burial plots are set amongst trees and wildflowers, and families can choose to bury or scatter the ashes of a loved one within the peaceful grounds. The grounds offer a tranquil place for family and friends to visit and reflect.

Co-op Funeralcare currently has three beautiful woodland burial grounds set within acres of natural countryside:

Mayfields Woodland Remembrance Park, Wirral

Hinton Park, Dorset and Poole

Poole & Wimborne, Dorset

Graves are marked by the planting of a natural memorial, such as a tree and the placing of a simple wooden or bronze plaque instead of a traditional headstone. And our range of coffins include bamboo, banana leaf or cardboard as well as more conventional biodegradable options.

As more people are choosing an eco-friendly option, we’re now able to extend the choices available through GreenAcres, who manage over 220 acres of beautiful English Woodland as havens for wildlife and the regeneration of native woodlands, wonderful places to commemorate your loved ones.

GreenAcres currently have five parks, four in the South of England and one in the North West, all of which offer burial and ashes plots and have a ceremonial building providing full funeral service facilities, allowing you to say goodbye in a tranquil and beautiful setting.

Colney in Norfolk

Epping Forest in Essex

Chiltern in Buckinghamshire

Rainford in Merseyside

Heatherley Wood in East Hampshire

Greenacres offer Co-op Members a 10% discount on their burial and ashes plots.*

At Co-op Funeralcare, we’re here to help you arrange a funeral exactly the way you want it, whenever you need us. If you'd like to speak with us about how we can help organise an eco-friendly funeral, please contact your local funeral home.


*Visit any of the Co-op funeral homes within a 30 minute drive from the park of your choice to get your discount code which you’ll need to get your discount at your chosen GreenAcres park. The teams at GreenAcres will be more than happy to show you around and discuss your choices with you.