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How long after death is a funeral?

Typically, funerals take place within one to two weeks after death, given all arrangements can be made within that time.

In some circumstances it can take a little longer, for example, if the death has to be looked into by the coroner, but generally the funeral will take place within one-to-two weeks, allowing the family of the deceased and the funeral director adequate time to plan and make arrangements.

In some cases, families may prefer to hold the funeral as soon after death as possible, as is custom in some religions, or there may be unavoidable delays, such as an inquest into the death by the coroner.

At Co-op, our experienced team can help with everything that needs to be done, including planning when the funeral should take place. We’re professionals in our field and take great pride in honouring your loved one’s life and will help guide you on choosing the most suitable date.

How long can you delay a funeral?

Sometimes, funerals may need to be delayed. This could include when family or friends need to arrange travel to attend the funeral, or there may not be availability with your preferred funeral director, church, or crematorium. Delays caused by logistical challenges such as these can usually be resolved within one to three weeks.

However, there may be circumstances where a delay is requested. This could include the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, impacting funeral numbers. In these cases, families may consider a direct cremation or burial near the time of death, followed by a memorial service at a later date.

Holding funerals on a Saturday or Sunday

Funerals can be held any day of the week; however most are held in the week during the morning or early afternoon. If you would prefer to hold the funeral on a Saturday or Sunday, you can discuss your date and time options with your funeral director. As always, funeral arrangers and directors will do their best to work to your preferred funeral date.

It’s important to note that funerals on a Saturday or Sunday may incur additional charges by the funeral directors, burial grounds or churches, crematoria, and other third parties. There may also be less availability on your preferred dates should you wish to hold a funeral on a Saturday or Sunday.

Our funeral directors will work with you to find the best possible date and time that suits you and your family.

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Arranging a funeral

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