Pallbearers carrying a coffin into a funeral service.

How to be a pallbearer

If you've been asked to help carry the coffin, the funeral director will be on hand to give practical help and guidance.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • People of similar heights should be next to each other with shorter bearers at the front
  • The funeral director will help you lift the coffin onto your shoulder
  • Keep the coffin close to you as you walk
  • Follow the lead of the funeral director and walk in step together with the other pallbearers
  • Keep your back straight and your head up

If for any reason you don’t feel able to carry the coffin on the day, let the funeral director know and they will have someone there that can take over.

In some circumstances it may not be suitable to carry the coffin. Pallbearers will be able to escort the coffin into the service using a wheel bier.

Don’t feel nervous about asking for help. Funeral directors do this every day and know how to guide and reassure you.

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