Unique funeral ideas

Laying flower on a bespoke coffin.

It's a great comfort to family members to be able to pay tribute to a loved one by personalising their funeral. Unique and unusual funerals can be a reflection of a person's life and can make a great final farewell.

Personalised funerals

There's not much about a funeral that can't be personalised, so why not? You might even be thinking of your own unique funeral ideas, and what you'd like your family or friends to do for you.

We've helped arrange a number of unique funerals including;

A funeral for an ex-miner. Our funeral director David Lee contacted a local mining museum to source all miners equipment to organise the funeral. A miners lamp was carried during the procession, and the gentleman's coffin had a pair of pit boots and helmet displayed on top. Miners Tribute

A football tribute. A beautiful tribute for a young football fan was arranged with a horse drawn carriage draped in a Manchester City flag. RE Jones Sale MCFC horses

Here are some of the more popular ways people choose to personalise theirs or their loved one's funeral service.


Traditionally, black formal wear is prevalent at today's funerals, but this doesn't have to be the case. It may seem a simple idea, but asking people to wear something of meaning to you or your loved one is a really easy way to personalise a funeral at no cost. You could ask everyone to wear a particular colour, football shirts, or even just ask for no black to be worn.


Floral arrangements come in all shapes and sizes and are a popular way of adding a personal touch to funerals. Below is a wonderfully personal tribute to a gentleman who was an avid model boat builder. This arrangement was made by a friend of the family, it used one of his own creations and featured all his favourite flowers.


With almost a quarter of people saying they would like an alternative hearse to take them to their funeral, it's fast beoming one of the most popular ways to create a unique funeral. Horse drawn hearses and bicycle hearses top the list of requested alternative options, but we've conducted funerals with landrover hearses, lorries and even milk floats.

Wake ideas

Memory table. You may want to have a memory table displaying favourite photos and other important items.

Decorations. Decorating the room with the favourite colour of the person who has died can add a personal touch to a wake. You could even use the colours of their favourite sports team.

Memory book. Ask guests to write messages in a book or have a memory tree where people can leave thoughts and memories, these can be kept and looked back on.

Keepsakes. A more unusual idea is to hand out seeds for guests to plant, this can be a heartfelt and long lasting reminder of the person who has died.

These are just a few unique funeral ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Your Funeral Director will be able to help you create any ideas you may have in mind, whether it's for a loved one, or for your own tailor made funeral plan.