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Holding a video memorial service

Due to coronavirus, it might not be possible to hold a funeral with all your loved ones because of government restrictions.

Funerals are an important part of the grieving process, so we understand that you may want to find an alternative way to bring family and friends together to say goodbye.

Until it’s safe to hold funerals with all the people you’d want to be there, you can arrange a time and date to get together virtually. A funeral celebrant can help you arrange this in the same way they would help organise a funeral service. An online event like this can give you a focus, a time to reflect and an opportunity to come together virtually with people you love.

How to organise a virtual funeral online

You need a device that connects to WiFi or 4G. This could be a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

  1. Decide which video tool you’re going to use
  2. Get the email addresses of the people you want to invite
  3. Send an email to the people you want to invite. Make sure to include the time and date of the virtual service, details of the video tool you’re using including any download links, and a link to the online service

Online video tools:




Organise the running order in advance

Most funerals have a ‘running order’ of people speaking and playing songs or hymns at certain points. To create a meaningful online virtual funeral, use a similar structure. You can work this out yourself with friends and family or employ a celebrant to officiate and run the service for you.

If you use a celebrant, they will talk with you before the service to find out more about the person who has died. They will then prepare and write the service and include any speakers or chosen music. They will invite people to speak when it’s their turn and make sure everyone is using the video tool correctly by muting their microphones when someone is speaking.

The celebrant might also suggest you:

  • sing along to songs or hymns
  • raise a toast together
  • light candles together at a certain point

Your local Co-op Funeral Director can help you find a celebrant that will help you organise a live video memorial service. They can also help you organise a memorial in person once the coronavirus restrictions have lifted.

Memorial services after restrictions are lifted

Once the social distancing measures have been lifted, you may want to get together with friends and family to hold a service to celebrate your loved one.

We can help you do this and have various options to enable you to have the kind of service you would have originally wanted. Find out more about our memorial services.

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