Funeral procession through a field

What happens at a burial service?

Funeral services don’t have to take place in a religious venue or cemetery. This is what to expect at a burial service, whether it be at a local place of worship, cemetery or a woodland burial ground.

Before the funeral

The funeral director will meet the family at their home with the hearse and any limousines and they'll be driven to the funeral venue. Alternatively, the family can meet the funeral procession at the funeral venue.

At the service

Pallbearers will lift the coffin and walk into the funeral venue.

The family will commonly follow the coffin and then be seated at the front.

It’s the family’s decision on whether they want people stood outside or to be seated and waiting inside the venue before the coffin enters.

The funeral service will take place which usually includes readings, eulogies and music.

After the service

Family members might line up outside the door to greet people as they leave the funeral.

The hearse and cortege will travel to the cemetery.

Pallbearers will lift the coffin and walk to the graveside.

At the graveside

The coffin will be lowered into the grave by pallbearers.

The officiant may say a few words and invite the family to place flowers or earth into the grave.

The grave is not filled until people have left the burial site, unless the family want to take part.

Further help and information when arranging a burial.

If someone has died and you need immediate assistance please contact your local funeral director or speak to one of our team who are here to help and support you on 0800 088 4883.

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