What to wear at a funeral

If you're unsure about what the family wants people to wear at the funeral, ask them. If that's not appropriate, you can contact the funeral director to ask what the dress code for the funeral may be.

At some funerals, wearing formal dark clothing is appropriate, but at others, bright colours, flowers or even football team colours could be what the family wants. The days of only wearing black have changed in recent years as more families use colour to make the day feel more personal.

Over four fifths (84%) of Co-op’s funeral directors have reported an increasing shift in families asking mourners to wear brighter colours at services.

In the last 12 months, nine out of ten of Co-op’s employees (87%) have conducted funerals where mourners wore bright colours, and almost three quarters (70%) have had requests for mourners to wear whatever they want, whilst half (48%) have known mourners to dress in jeans and tracksuits.

When adults were asked what they would want mourners to wear when their time comes, a fifth (19%) said they’d want guests to wear really bright colours and a further two fifths (41%) predicted that more people will wear brighter colours at funerals in the future.