• full length rectangular coffing painted as the TARDIS
full length rectangular coffing painted as the TARDIS

Design a Coffin

Price available on request

A hand-made coffin individually commissioned to your specific requirements. The options are endless: from boats and guitars, to ballet shoes and even pieces of luggage.

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Bespoke Customised Personalised Unique Colourful Contemporary

It's in the details

Coffin painted as the TARDIS

Unique Coffins

If you’re looking for a coffin that's a little different, explore our alternative range. From coffins covered in glitter to unusual prints, these designs help you reflect the individual's personality.

Pallbearers processing with a coffin up a path in a garden


If you’d like friends or family to carry the coffin into the service, tell your funeral director. Ideally, they would all be a similar height with shorter bearers at the front. If carrying the coffin isn’t suitable, we’ll use a wheeled bier to bring the coffin in.

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