How much does a funeral cost?

Our total average cost for a funeral in 2018 was £3,976 including our fees and third party costs. The cost of a funeral depends on the choices you make and where in the UK the funeral is to be conducted.

To find out how much a funeral will cost at your local Co-op funeral home, use our funeral cost calculator:

We’re here to help you understand how much a funeral costs, explaining everything from our funeral director costs to the cost of the service itself, making it as clear as possible to help you make an informed choice on which funeral will be right for you.

For example, how grand or simple you’d like the service to be, the type of coffin or transportation you choose, and even the date and time of the service will determine how much you will pay for a funeral.

Funeral cost breakdown

The entire cost of a funeral is made up of the following:

  • Funeral directors costs – the cost of the funeral director services including caring for your loved one, the funeral arrangement, coffins, hearse and the staff required for the funeral itself.
  • Third party costs such as doctors' fees, burial fees or cremation fees.
  • Added extras such as flowers, notices in the paper and limousines

In 2016 we signed up to the Fair Funerals pledge, meaning we have a responsibility to be transparent with our prices, including third party costs, and have open and honest conversations with families about money and affordable options.

Funeral director costs

Here is what’s included in our funeral director costs:

  • Funeral director services to cover all aspects of the funeral arrangement from start to finish to provide a dignified and personal service. This includes the use of the funeral home facilities, liaising with third parties (such as clergy, crematorium/cemetery and florists) and preparing and attending to all essential documentation.
  • The care and preparation of the deceased. This includes bringing your loved one into our care from a 50 mile radius, preparation of them for the funeral and embalming services (depending on choice of funeral.
  • Provision of a hearse and all necessary personnel (coffin bearers, drivers).
  • The coffin or casket which will be fully lined and fitted.
  • Extras like limousines and flowers (additional costs depending on choices)

Third party costs

Third party funeral costs (also known as third party fees or disbursements) are costs that are paid to a third party for certain aspects of the funeral, as it covers everything a funeral director doesn’t provide. This can include:

  • Church fees
  • Cremation fees
  • Burial fees
  • Doctors’ fees
  • Minister* or Officiants fees
  • Any additional personalisation such as requested musicians

*There are no fees for Church of Scotland ministers.

Low cost funerals

If during your arrangement you feel like the funeral is costing more than you’d budgeted for, please speak to your funeral director as they can look for changes we can make to the arrangements that you’ve selected to help keep the costs down. We know that money can be difficult at this time so please don’t hesitate to speak to your funeral director about this.

We offer two lower cost funeral options:

Simple Funeral

We understand that some families may wish to keep things simple or have a budget to stay within, which is why we offer a Simple Funeral, which costs £1,895 in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, and £1,675 in Scotland.

Our Simple Funeral provides a lower cost funeral option with comfort of knowing that quality isn’t compromised, as we guarantee to provide our usual outstanding levels of care for your loved ones.

More information about our Simple Funeral

Direct cremation

A shift in attitude towards a less traditional funeral service or a celebration of life, has allowed us to offer our Cremation Without Ceremony option, also known as a direct cremation. Although this is the cheapest option available and is essentially a funeral without the service, we can ensure you that you’ll still receive the same standard and caring service you’d receive if you chose one of our more traditional funeral options.

Cremation Without Ceremony costs £1,395 in England and Wales, and £1,230 in Scotland.

More information about Cremation Without Ceremony

How much will a funeral cost in my local area?

Funeral costs can vary depending on where in the UK you live. You can find out how much our funerals will cost in your local area by using our funeral cost calculator.

Help with funeral costs

If you’re wondering who will be able to pay for the funeral if there’s no money, please let us know as soon as possible, as there may be government help available to support you.

If you’re a Co-op member, you’ll receive a £100 or 5% discount (whichever is greater) off the price of a Simple, Traditional or Classic Funeral. If £100 is less than 5% of what you spend with us on our funeral services, then we'll increase your discount to 5%. This discount is deducted from the cost of the funeral services, as we can’t give a discount on third party costs we pay on your behalf.

If you choose a Cremation Without Ceremony, you'll receive a £50 member discount.

How to pay for the funeral

When you’ve made your choices on the funeral arrangements, we’ll then provide you with an itemised written estimate of the funeral costs. If, at this stage, you would like to change anything we'll be able to do this, although any changes may affect the final funeral costs.

The funeral is paid in two parts:

  1. You will need to pay for third party costs, things like Minister fees, cremation fees etc, within 24 hours of arranging the funeral.

  2. For everything else, we’ll send you an invoice after the funeral. This final payment must be made within 28 days from the date of invoice.

You can pay at the funeral home, at a bank or the post office, by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.

Paying funeral costs from the estate

If you choose to instruct Co-op Legal Services to carry out probate of the estate, they will pay us for the cost of the funeral, providing there is sufficient assets that can be sold after. You will still need to pay the third party costs upfront however this can be reimbursed within 21 days of instructing Co-op Legal Services to act.

More information about how Co-op Legal Services can help you.