Burial costs

The cost of a burial can vary depending on where the arrangements are being made and what you’d like to be included.

To find out how much a funeral may cost at your local Co-op funeral home, use our funeral cost calculator.

Funeral cost calculator

How much does a burial cost?

On average in 2019 the cost of a burial was £4,975*, this included the cost of professional services, minister or officiants fees and cost of the burial.

If you’re arranging a burial service for a loved one you may want to consider the following costs:

  • funeral directors fees
  • burial plot
  • burial service
  • funeral flowers
  • wake

Burial costs breakdown

We’re open and honest about the cost of our funerals, and here to support your decision on what’s right for you. We've broken down burial costs to help with understanding what's included:

  • funeral directors’ fees - on average costs £2,687* these make up the biggest cost of a funeral and includes the coffin, a hearse, collection and care of the deceased, plus professional services
  • clergy or officiate fees - in the UK these cost on average £169*
  • burial fees - as these costs vary depending on where you live in the UK, you can find an estimate by using our funeral cost calculator

The cost of a burial plot and the cost of a wake are not included in our fees. Your local funeral director can help with availability and costs if you'd like to know more about buying a burial plot or arranging a wake.

How to reduce the cost of a burial

If you’d like to arrange a cheaper burial or have a certain budget, let us know. We have different options available if this is something you need.

If you choose one of our cheaper options, you will still receive the highest level of support, attention to detail, and care from us.

Direct burial

With a direct burial there's no funeral service but a simple, unattended burial, which costs £995 in England, Wales and Scotland.

Essential funeral

A simple, lower-cost funeral that covers the essentials. The cost of an essential funeral is £1,895 in England and Wales, and is £1,675 in Scotland, not including third party fees.

Burial costs compared to cremation costs

Cremation is usually the cheaper option when arranging a funeral, as there isn't the added cost of purchasing a burial plot. However, the burial plot may already be owned and therefore doesn't need to be included in the costs.

Call your local Co-op funeral director

If you’d like to discuss the different burial service options, your local funeral director will be able to advise and help you.

*SunLife (2020), Cost of Dying Report, sunlife.co.uk/costofdying2020

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