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Headstone plans

Brushing gold leaf into the engraving on a headstone.

Headstone memorials can be an important place of connection and reflection. But the costs can be an expense your loved ones haven't considered, with the average cost being around £1,162*.

Why choose a masonry plan?

Experienced craftsmen design and prepare memorials ensuring the highest quality in their finished work. The skill of these stonemasons isn't limited, if there is a memorial that you'd like, which isn't featured in our masonry brochure, we will be happy to check if the masons can produce it for you.

Fully guaranteed

All of the services included in your masonry plan are fully guaranteed, so there will be no more to pay when the time comes, even if prices rise.

Convenient ways to pay

Like all our plans you can pay in full, spread the cost over 6 or 12 months with no additional costs or pay by monthly instalments over 2 – 25 years. You don't even need to pay a deposit.

Visit us to arrange your plan

A masonry plan can be purchased on its own or alongside a funeral plan through one of our team of professional funeral directors. For more details on our masonry range or to arrange a plan, visit your local Co-op funeral home.

There are many regulations governing the type of memorials that are allowed in a churchyard or cemetery. The size of a memorial is generally governed by the appropriate burial authority. Please allow us to check these regulations for you before you make your final choice.

For more information about our headstone plans, speak to your local funeral director.

0800 088 4883 (24 hour service)

*Average cost based on masonry sales in 2019.