A Co-op funeral plan is a plan you can trust

Tailor made plans

3 reasons why our plans are different

1. Guaranteed to cover all funeral costs

It’s as simple as that. When you take out a plan with us, we’ll tell you exactly what’s included* and when the time comes your family won’t pay anything extra for anything in your plan. This isn’t always the case with other providers. Where we fully guarantee to pay third party costs, some providers will offer a contribution towards those costs. This means that if there’s a difference, your family will have to pay more when the time comes.

You also have more choice of what goes into your plan. We have set plans to choose from, but we also offer tailor-made plans where you can visit one of our funeral homes and decide exactly what you want in your plan – from environmentally friendly coffins to floral tributes – the plan can be as detailed as you’d like.

We can do this because we are in the almost unique position of not only being the funeral plan provider, but the Funeral Director as well. This means we’re offering you a service that we know we can provide because we’ll be the ones carrying out the funeral.

2. Our Co-op Commitment means no shortfalls

We know that when you take out a funeral plan, one of the big reasons is to remove the financial burden from your loved ones by having everything paid for when the time comes. However, if you’re paying into a funeral plan over a long payment term, there is the risk that you could die before finishing the payments, and your family would have to pay the shortfall.

We didn’t think this was fair and so anyone paying for a funeral plan over 2-25 years is protected by our Co-op Commitment**. This means if you’ve been paying into the plan for at least a year, but you die before finishing all the payments, we will still honour your plan and there will be no shortfall for your family to pay.

3. Five star rating

It’s not only us saying our plans are great – in a recent article published on the “This is Money” financial website, we are highlighted as the only funeral plan provider to guarantee the costs of the funeral directors services and third party fees. A fact that earned us a five-star rating with Fairer Finance. Find out more about our reviews and ratings.

*Co-op Set Burial Plans do not include the purchase of a grave, as the cost can be up to £5,000 in parts of the UK

**Instalments must be paid up to date and your funeral must be arranged and carried out by one of our Funeral Directors. See our terms and conditions for more information. You may also read our Key Features Document.

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Co-op Members benefit from exclusive member prices, saving at least £100 or 5%, whichever is greater, when buying a funeral plan with us.

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