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Bereavement Notification and Advice Service

Our Bereavement Notification and Advice Service helps bereaved families by providing free practical support and guidance when dealing with the affairs of someone who has died.

Our Bereavement Notification and Advice Service* is free of charge to anyone who arranges a funeral with us. As part of this service, we can help you with:

Registering the death

We’ll explain the registration process to you, and provide guidance if the death has been referred to the coroner and an inquest is going to be held.

Notifying financial institutions

We can provide you with pre-populated letters to send to banks, building societies and other financial institutions to tell them about the death of your loved one. This is important to prevent attempted identity fraud or other unwanted transactions on their accounts.

Stopping unwanted mail

It can be upsetting to receive unwanted junk mail addressed to the person that has died, so we can set up mail suppression to help prevent it.


We’ll explain to you how the Tell Us Once (TUO) service works, and provide letters to send to government agencies if the TUO service is not available in your area.

Managing social media accounts

We can provide guidance on how to close different types of social media accounts.

Notifying insurance providers

It’s important to get in touch with home and car insurers to let them know your loved one has died. We can help you tell them, and prevent any potential problems with cover.

Estate administration

We can let you know if it’s likely probate will be needed. And we can arrange a no-obligation visit at no charge from one of our consultants to help explain the process.

Family law issues

We can provide some general guidance where there are questions about property or savings, or difficulties arising from co-habiting or being unmarried to the person that has died.

Employment queries

We can provide guidance if you’re facing employment issues resulting from the death of a loved one, including claims from carers employed by the person that died or if your loved one had problems at work before they died.

For more information on this service, please speak to your local funeral home.

For all these services, where further assistance is required, we can arrange for you to speak to one of our lawyers about these specific issues and if legal assistance is required, this can be arranged for a fee. Learn more about the legal support we can offer on 0330 041 7713.

*Co-op Bereavement Notification and Advice Service is provided by Co-op Legal Services. Co-op Legal Services is a trading name for Co-operative Legal Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under registration number 567391. Registered under Company Number 05671209. Registered office is 1 Angel Square, Manchester M60 0AG.