Cremation Without Ceremony

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An alternative funeral for £1,395, Cremation Without Ceremony is for those, who for lots of reasons, prefer not to have a funeral service. This option of a simple, straightforward cremation is now being chosen by a growing number of people.

What is Cremation Without Ceremony?

A Cremation Without Ceremony, sometimes known as a direct cremation, is for those who would prefer a simpler funeral. It's different to a traditional funeral as there is no funeral service and no one present at the cremation.

How much does Cremation Without Ceremony cost?

Cremation Without Ceremony costs £1,395. If you're in Scotland the cost is £1,230 as the laws around doctor's certificates are different.

Although Cremation Without Ceremony may cost less than a traditional funeral, you will still receive the same caring and compassionate service.

What's included:

  • We'll arrange for the person who has died to be taken into our care
  • We've included all the cremation fees and costs, unlike other providers who may charge extra for services such as collecting your loved one out of hours, from home or a nursing home
  • Our professionally-trained team to attend to all arrangements
  • Care and preparation of the person who has died
  • Doctors' fees if required, if not we'll refund any charges for them
  • A simple wood effect coffin, including a larger coffin if needed
  • A suitable vehicle to the crematorium
  • Cremation fees for an unattended commital

What's not included:

  • Visiting of the person who has died
  • It's not possible to choose what date or time the cremation will take place
  • The crematorium is of our choosing
  • No mourners are able to attend the crematorium on the day
  • No additional products or services can be added other than arranging the delivery of ashes
  • It is not available as part of our free children's funeral service

How does Cremation Without Ceremony work?

Arranging a Cremation Without Ceremony is straightforward and our caring team will guide you through step by step. We’ll arrange to bring your loved one into our care, no matter when or where you need us, day or night.

There are some important forms that will need to be filled in, signed, and returned, this will include the agreement and an application for cremation. You’ll need to pay in full within two working days from making the arrangement. Once we have all the paperwork we'll proceed with finalising the arrangements. If you need any help, just give us a call. We're available all day, every day, so you'll always have someone to talk to.

There are a few different options to choose from for ashes.

  • They can be collected in person from the allocated crematorium – you will be advised of this on your documentation and they will be ready to collect 2 working days after the cremation.
  • The ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium. This is an unattended scattering, once the cremation has taken place, this will happen within 12 weeks.
  • They can be delivered directly to you within 28 days of the cremation by a specialist courier. This is an additional cost of £95 for UK mainland delivery. Addresses outside of mainland UK are price on application and there may be restrictions.

Download the full step-by-step guide.

Before you start, you’ll need to have some information to hand, including:

  • The date of birth of the person who has died
  • The address of where we should collect the person that has died
  • Note: The death must have been verified by a medical professional before you can start the arrangement

Is Cremation Without Ceremony the right choice for you?

A Cremation Without Ceremony may be the right choice if:

  • It's what your loved one wanted
  • You want to hold a separate remembrance or celebration of life
  • Many people would find it difficult to attend a funeral
  • You or your loved one didn't want a traditional or religious funeral
  • You or your loved one prefer a more affordable funeral
  • Cost: £1,395. If you're in Scotland the cost is £1,230 as the laws around doctor's certificates are different.

A more traditional funeral may be a better choice if you:

  • Want to visit your loved one in the chapel of rest
  • Would like to attend the crematorium on the day of the cremation
  • Prefer the cremation to take place at your local crematorium
  • Would like to choose a specific date or time for the cremation to take place

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