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Religious and cultural funerals

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We'll help you prepare a funeral for any religious or cultural tradition and support you with heartfelt personal touches that'll create a fitting celebration of a life well lived.

Our service heritage

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We can help you

We’ve been helping to arrange funerals for all our communities for many years. We recognise and respect the fundamental part that beliefs and traditions play in lots of people’s lives.

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We’ll support you

Religious beliefs and cultural practices often become more important when faced with bereavement, we can accommodate any requirements or facilities you may need.

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We’re there for you

Our team are flexible and will assist you wherever you feel most comfortable – in our funeral home, your own home or place of worship – we also offer 24/7 telephone support too.

0800 088 4883 (24 hour service)

We're here for you and your community

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Our expertise

We've been caring for and helping communities for many years. We understand your faith and traditions and support the importance of them in celebrating a loved ones life.

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We'll support you

Whatever your loved ones wishes, we can help you say the best goodbye. We'll support you with the arrangements and give you the time you need to make sure everything is perfect.

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Why we're different

The day should be memorable and shared with all your loved ones family and friends. We can personalise your celebration and help you record it or live stream to anywhere in the world.