Tailored funerals

When we arrange a funeral with you, we’ll listen then we'll advise, guide, and inspire you to plan a unique funeral. Tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Tailored funerals

When we arrange a funeral with you, we’ll listen then we'll advise, guide, and inspire you to plan a unique funeral. Tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

If someone has died and you need our help, contact us:

What's included in the service?

We'll care for you and your family by:

  • meeting you to arrange the funeral at one of our funeral homes or over the phone
  • helping you complete any paperwork and liaising with all third parties on your behalf
  • explaining all the choices you’ll need to make – such as the coffin, flowers, music and orders of service
  • arranging the venue for the funeral and help you find the right officiant for you
  • enabling you to visit the person who has died in the chapel of rest by appointment between 9am-8pm, 7 days a week
  • helping you access support from our Bereavement Notification Service

Coffin topped with flowers being carried

We'll care for the person who has died by:

  • bringing them into our care within a 50-mile radius
  • caring for them until the day of the funeral in our specialist facilities
  • dressing them in clothing of your choice or a gown that we provide

For the day of the funeral:

  • family members can choose to carry the coffin, or this can be done by our colleagues or using a wheeled bier
  • we'll arrange a standard hearse, and can take a special route if you like - you can also choose a specialist hearse for an additional cost
  • you can hold the ceremony and committal service at different venues, we can arrange this for you
  • your funeral director will be alongside you all day to make sure everything goes as planned

Start planning a tailored funeral

Create something special

When you arrange a funeral with us, we work with you to make it just right. If you're looking to create something truly unique we're here to help and guide you through.

Find out more

Explore our funeral themes

When you choose a tailored funeral, you’ll be able to personalise everything. We’ve created 3 popular funeral themes; traditional, contemporary and natural, each including a selection of ideas for the service. These are just a guide of what you may want, and you may find these useful as a starting point if you need some inspiration. If you decide on a theme, you can add anything you want to the arrangements, creating a funeral most fitting for the person who has died.

How to pay

When will I need to pay?

You'll need to pay a minimum of 50% of the total estimated funeral cost within 48 hours of making the funeral arrangements.

We may conduct a soft credit check, which means we'll either ask you to pay in full before the funeral takes place or we’ll send you an invoice after the funeral, which needs to be paid within 21 days.

Co-op Legal Services could pay funeral costs

If you instruct Co-op Legal Services to carry out probate, they could cover the cost of the funeral up front.

They get the money back from the ‘estate’ (the things that the person owned), later.

Check if you need probate

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral costs can vary depending on where you live in the UK. Find out how much a funeral may cost at your local Co-op funeral home by using our funeral cost calculator.

Funeral cost calculator
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Some common questions

Our tailored funerals give you the flexibility to choose what you’d like to include in the funeral service, and our funeral directors will help you add and plan any other elements to make the service more personal. If you’d like to add funeral flowers, use an alternative hearse, or make any other requests, we can help you.

To arrange a tailored funeral, contact your local Co-op funeral director

When you’re arranging a tailored funeral with Co-op Funeralcare our funeral directors will take you through every step. They'll listen to you, explain the decisions that need to be made as you go through the arrangement and they’ll give you some ideas on how to make the day more personal.

A Co-op funeral director will help you with everything involved in the funeral arrangement process. From helping with what to do when someone dies, guiding you through the choices and decisions you’ll need to make, to being there to support you on the day of the funeral.

We can help you order funeral flowers as part of the arrangements. You can either choose from one of the many arrangements available on our website, or we can create a bespoke arrangement if you wish.