Unique tribute of a coffin being carried by mourners wearing colourful clothing and rainbow confetti being thrown.

Funeral trends - Media report 2019

Burying Traditions - The Changing Face of UK Funerals

Are funeral trends changing?

As the UK’s largest funeral directors, we’re always looking at the way people choose to say goodbye to their loved ones, and although we’ve always been able to provide a personal service to our clients, we’ve noticed that more and more people are looking to move away from what could be considered a traditional funeral.

Traditionally, a funeral takes place in a religious setting, but three quarters (77%) of our funeral directors have noticed that requests for funerals to take place in other less formal settings has increased in the last five years.

But this isn’t the only thing that’s changing.

In our 2019 media report, Burying Traditions: The Changing Face of UK Funerals, we look at the ways UK mourners are saying goodbye to the traditional funeral and turning towards more personalised ways of celebrating the lives of their loved ones. From milk float and lorry hearses, to funerals held at the zoo or a McDonald’s Drive Thru, we explore the unique ways that funerals are changing.

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This report is compiled of our business data from 2014 to date and insight from our funeral arrangers and directors in June & July 2019. We also worked with YouGov in July 2019 to conduct research among 4000 British adults, and a re-run of questions from our Biggest Ever Survey by YouGov among 2000 adults.