We offer a range of standard and themed headstones for graves in granite and marble styles, as well as engraving and restoration services.


We offer a range of standard and themed headstones for graves in granite and marble styles, as well as engraving and restoration services.

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Some common questions

There are many words and phrases you can choose for a headstone inscription and the best combination and final decision will be whatever means the most to you. There are some rules restricting what can be engraved, such as hate speech legislation and the policy of your chosen cemetery.

It’s usual for the personal details of the person who has died to be included, such as their name, date of birth and date of death. If you'd like to discuss having an inscription engraved onto your chosen headstone or want to talk about headstone engraving ideas, we can help.

Your local authority or burial ground will stipulate their installation timeframes within their rules and regulations. These timeframes are based on local soil conditions to ensure that the ground has had suitable time to settle and be stable enough for the headstone to be installed safely and meet all regulated standards.

You can contact our Co-op Funeralcare directors at any time if you'd like to discuss the placement of a headstone.

Granite headstones will last longer than softer stone memorials such as Marble. All of our Granite headstones will remain in excellent condition for the foreseeable future but softer headstones will wear a bit quicker and will need a bit more maintenance to ensure longevity. All our headstones are designed to last for decades by expert stonemasons and made from high quality materials.

However, even the best headstones will eventually need maintenance and we provide cleaning and re-lettering services on any existing memorial. The lettering cut in granite material will remain intact for the life cycle of the headstone and only the lettering finish (paint or gild) will need to be re-done from time to time.

Soft stone memorials will also need the lettering finish re-done from time to time. However, as soft stone also erodes over an extended period of time there may be a need to re-cut the full inscription at some point in the future. If you’d like to know more on this please speak to us.

Most of the headstones we provide are made from highly durable granite with many styles and finishes to choose from including polished, honed or rustic. Granite is a strong and long-lasting stone and is the most commonly used material when creating headstones.

However, we also offer a selection of softer stone memorials including marble, Yorkstone and Portland. You can call Co-op Funeralcare at any time to talk about our choice of materials and we’ll also assist you in choosing one if you wish.

If you have an existing headstone and you'd like it to be resurfaced or repaired, we can arrange for this to be done. Headstones do experience wear and tear, even if they're made to a high standard. That's why we offer a restoration service. This ensures that the lettering and positioning of the stone remain in good condition. Most headstones installed in cemeteries are suitable for repair and the maintenance process will leave your headstone looking as good as new. If you’d like to discuss this further with us, then please contact us at Co-op Funeralcare.