Headstone lettering and inscriptions

We understand that choosing the wording and the design for your loved one’s headstone is something you will want to take time over, and your local Funeral Director will give you plenty of help and guidance to choose something that feels really personal and special.

Lettering colour

For the lettering on the headstone, we offer several different colours, including silver and gold. You can see an example of how they look when engraved below.

memorial lettering inscriptions1

Lettering styles

There are four main styles that we use for our lettering and you can see them below.

memorial lettering inscriptions letter plaque


The words on the headstone will, of course, be completely up to you. The suggestions are simply provided in case you are searching for some inspiration.

  • In loving memory of
  • We will remember them
  • Remembered with a smile
  • Always in our thoughts

memorial lettering inscriptions mg 8864

Here to help

If you have any further queries in relation to headstones please do not hesitate to contact us.