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A helping hand for you and your community

Co-op Members benefit from exclusive member prices when arranging a funeral or buying a funeral plan with us. Plus, we’ll give £2 for every hundred pounds spent to community causes.

Here's how it works

To benefit from exclusive member prices, you'll need to show your membership card when buying a funeral plan or when arranging a funeral with us. If you're buying a funeral plan online, you'll need your membership number to hand. This is on your membership card.

The member discount will be applied when you’re paying for the funeral or funeral plan, and we’ll give £2 for every hundred pounds you’ve spent to community causes.

Membership terms and conditions apply.

Members arranging a funeral with us

Savings members make when arranging a funeral with us:

Member saving
Direct Cremation
Direct Burial
Essential Funeral
Tailored Funeral

Member savings also apply to some additional products and services. Your local funeral director will be able to let you know what these are.

To get a discount, the person arranging the funeral must be a member at the time when the person whose funeral it is died. If the person who has died was a member, their membership number can be used to get the discount.

We cannot offer savings on any fees we pay to others on your behalf (such as cemetery fees, church fees, cremation fees, doctors’ fees).

Members buying a Co-op funeral plan

Here are the savings members make on a Co-op funeral plan:

Funeral plan price
Member saving
Member price
Simple plan
Bronze plan
Silver plan
Gold plan

Members also save £125 on tailor-made plans (including woodland plans).

Members benefit from these savings whether they choose to buy online, over the phone or in one of our funeral homes.

Membership that makes a difference

At Co-op we do things a little differently – bringing people together to help create happy, healthy communities for everyone. So that's why £2 for every hundred pounds members spend goes into the Altogether Fairer Fund.

The Local Community Fund helps to support community organisations and local causes. Through the Co-op App, members can select which cause in their local community to support.

The fund also supports the Community Partnerships Fund that will see us partnering with like-minded organisations to co-operate for a fairer world. Creating lasting change on big issues we care about - access to food, mental wellbeing support, and education and employment for young people. Through the Co-op App, members can choose to donate their rewards to this fund.

Members also have the opportunity to shape and participate in community activities and campaigns supported by Co- op Member Pioneers and Co-operate, our community platform.

Together we can help make things a little bit fairer.

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