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Membership local cause

As a Co-op Member you pay an exclusive member price, saving you at least £100^ or 5% whichever is greater, when you arrange a funeral or buy a funeral plan with us.

We also give 1% of what you spend to a local cause in your community that you get to choose.

And, thanks to our members, we’re delivering £17 million* to local causes this year.

Here's how it works...

Member prices for a funeral plan

We offer a range of funeral plans and as a member you save 5% off our full plan prices.

Here are the exclusive prices you pay:

Funeral plan price
Member saving
Member price
Simple plan
Bronze plan
Silver plan
Gold plan

For more information about our funeral plans:

Compare our funeral plans

You also receive 5% off the full price of a tailor-made funeral plan and 5% off our masonry plans.

Member savings when arranging a funeral with us

As a member, you also save at least £100 when arranging a funeral with us.

If £100 is less than 5% of what you spend with us on our funeral services, then we will increase your discount to 5%.

However, we aren’t able to offer savings on any fees we pay to others on your behalf (such as cemetery fees, church fees, cremation fees, doctors’ fees etc.)

As a member, you save £50 off the price of a Direct Cremation and Direct Burial.

Further information on funeral costs.

How to save

To benefit from exclusive member prices you'll need to show us your membership card when buying a funeral plan or when arranging a funeral. If you're buying a funeral plan online you'll need your membership number hand, this is on your membership card.

When arranging a funeral - the person arranging the funeral must be a member at the time when the person whose funeral it is died. If the person who has died was a member, their membership number can be used to get the discount.

Legal Services

Co-op Members save £100 or get 5% off Probate and Estate Administration whichever is higher, terms and conditions apply.

1% for your community

We'll also give 1% of what you spend to a local cause in your community. You can choose which local cause you want your 1% to go to by signing into your online account.

Exclusions and restrictions apply, see our full membership terms and conditions for details.

To choose your local cause now:

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Still have a question?

If you have any questions about membership then please get in touch with our membership team on 0800 023 4708 or take a look at our membership terms and conditions.

^Excludes Direct Cremation and Direct Burial as it's not a full service funeral. Members save £50 when arranging Direct Cremation or Direct Burial. Other terms and conditions apply. Exclusive member prices and your 1% don't apply to independent societies including Midcounties, Central England, Southern or Chelmsford Star co-operatives.