• Silver chain bracelet with a round silver charm
Silver chain bracelet with a round silver charm

Legacy Charm - Gold and White Gold

from £155

Create a timeless tribute with our legacy charm. Featuring a personalised fingerprint of your loved one and a smalll amount of their ashes, the legacy touch charm is a popular choice. Delicately engraved, you can also add other bespoke options such as initials or a date. Due to the unique nature of this product, please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

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Gold fingerprint pendant on a chain

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Due to the nature of the legacy touch range, each item takes around six weeks to arrive. Your funeral director will ask in advance if you would like the fingerprint of your loved one, this will then be cast onto the piece. This must be done before the funeral service.

Three pendants hanging on chains


Select from 925 sterling silver or gold, our range of jewellery uses the finest materials to create a lasting tribute. For rings, items are often hand-cast for the perfect fit. Your funeral director will explain this process to you.