• Silver chain bracelet with a round silver charm
Silver chain bracelet with a round silver charm

Legacy Charm

from £155

Create a timeless tribute with our legacy charm. Featuring a personalised fingerprint of your loved one and a smalll amount of their ashes, the legacy touch charm is a popular choice. Delicately engraved, you can also add other bespoke options such as initials or a date. Due to the unique nature of this product, please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

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Jewellery Delivery

Your jewellery will be delivered directly to your local funeral home. They will contact you when it’s ready to pick up.

Square silver pendant with a small silver screw in the centre on a chain

Jewellery Housing Ashes

For our jewellery collection that houses ashes, the ash is carefully removed at the funeral home and taken to our jewellery team. You won’t need to do this yourself. However, you will need to make your funeral director aware, if you haven’t already, that you’re interested in this service.

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