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A Nation in Mourning Report: Is the UK heading towards a grief pandemic?

Co-op Funeralcare Media Report July 2020

This May, during the coronavirus pandemic, our research revealed the devasting impact the 2020 lockdown has had on the nation’s ability to grieve.

Our 2020 Nation in Mourning report, which is based on Co-op Funeralcare’s own business data and YouGov research, warns that the nation could be heading out of lockdown and into a grief pandemic.

According to the national research, approximately 9.7 million mourners have been denied the chance to say their last goodbye at a loved one’s funeral during the lockdown.

Whilst restrictions are beginning to ease and many funeral traditions are possible again, during the lockdown sadly an estimated 243,000 bereaved families have been denied the right to say goodbye to their loved one in the way they would have wished.

Undeniably, funerals play an essential role in the grieving process, and we don’t yet know what the long-term psychological effects will be for individuals and families who haven’t been able to say a last goodbye.

Our Nation in Mourning report provides further details on the impact coronavirus has had on our ability to grieve along with practical advice from Cruse and Mind about how to seek further support.

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2 We used the number of funerals Co-op Funeralcare carried out during lockdown and the Co-op’s market share to estimate the total number of funerals carried out across the country by all funeral directors.