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An angel in disguise

Every so often a person comes into your life and changes it forever. This is what happened to Glenis Sparshott and her family when they came to Drayton Funeralcare (inc Meridian Funeral Directors) to arrange their mother’s funeral and they met Sarah Cunningham.

While Glenis’ mother was resting at the funeral home, she came to visit her and got chatting to Funeral Arranger, Sarah. They talked about lots of things, including family, and Glenis eventually came to tell her about a very sad part of her life. Over 40 years ago, Glenis’ first child was born asleep. She was left to go 3 weeks over her due date, and when a doctor finally came to examine her, she was told her baby had died. After labouring for 18 hours, her baby was quickly taken away and Glenis wasn’t even told if she’d had a boy or a girl. In an attempt to help his daughter, her dad said it would be best if she forgot all about the baby and moved on with her life, and Glenis and her husband were not even told where their baby was buried. But she couldn’t forget, and was left traumatised by everything that had happened to her.

Almost 48 years later this was all about to change. Sarah, with Glenis’ permission, used her contacts to see if she could uncover any information about Glenis’ lost little one. Quickly after making her enquiries she received a call back from a local cemetery with the news she’d been waiting for. They knew where her baby was and she would finally be able to go and visit her grave.

Speaking about how she felt on the day, Glenis said “I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could it be possible, after so many years, to know and be able to visit the plot where our baby had been for almost 48 years? I just broke down into floods of uncontrollable tears, happy tears. Sarah had given me something much better than anything anyone could give me. If I was offered a choice of a million pounds or knowing where my baby's grave was I'd choose knowing where she was, it means that much to me. I just can't thank Sarah enough, she's my superhero and more.”

Safe to say, Glenis and Sarah have kept in touch ever since and they think the world of each other. Sarah said “She’s a truly amazing lady who doesn’t know her own strength.” Glenis and her family have been completely overwhelmed with the support they’ve had, not only from Sarah, but the whole team at Meridian Funeralcare, but talking about Sarah, Glenis said, “There couldn't possibly be anyone on this planet more caring, compassionate, sympathetic or thoughtful, she's an angel in disguise.”

So how did Sarah feel when she received a call to say the couple had been able to visit their baby’s resting place? “When she called me and told me she had been, I was thrilled for her as she sounded so happy. Money cannot buy that feeling which she had, knowing it was her special place and she could finally close that chapter in her life and find peace is very difficult to put into words. For the first time ever, words fail me!!”

Thank you so much to Sarah for going above and beyond, and making such a huge difference. You truly are an inspiration to everyone, not only in the funeral industry, but to all.

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