Two members of the bereavement group on surf boards on the beach.

A bereavement group with a difference

Why Gaynor’s Honeysuckle Bereavement group is not what you might expect

You might think that bereavement groups are sombre affairs, but that’s simply not the case. From floral designing to walks on the beach, the Honeysuckle Group in Port Tennant may change your perception of what a bereavement group is.

The Honeysuckle Group was set up by Gaynor Gage from Rees Davies and Son Funeralcare with an aim to keep supporting her clients through the loss of their loved ones, even after the funerals had taken place. She wanted to bring people together, giving them the opportunity to meet others going through similar experiences and also to learn new skills.

The group meets at the local church hall and boasts 34 members at last count, with an age range of 19 – 94. There’s never a dull week, with activities like pottery classes, wine and cheese events, and educational talks by local charities – the list is endless. Gaynor is always looking for new and exciting activities for her group, who she describes as “a fab bunch”, and last year even took them on a river cruise! Aside from their weekly meetings, she also plans weekend activities and some of the group have made such firm friendships that they meet up outside of the group as well.

On a sunny October day last year, Gaynor took the group to Caswell Bay for coffee and Welsh cakes followed by a walk along the beach. Some braver members of the group also decided they weren’t going to pass up the opportunity for a paddle in the freezing sea! Gaynor said, “We were so lucky with the weather – it really made the day what it was” – it certainly looked like a gorgeous day, but it’s clear to us and Gaynor’s members, that the success of the group is really down to her unwavering dedication and hard work. What a fantastic lady she is!

Bereavement group beach walk 2

Honeysuckle is such a great group, but they’re not alone. We run 90 bereavement/friendship groups across the UK and welcome new members at any time. If you’d like any more information about bereavement groups or bereavement support, please speak with your local Funeral Home who will be able to tell you what’s available in your area.

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