Children's collage of hand designs.

Cherishing childhood memories

Angela Walsh from E Clarke Funeralcare in Wrexham has started what hopefully will be a lovely tradition for children at a local primary school.

Taking inspiration from our Memory Box scheme, created to help dementia sufferers to recall memories from the past, she decided to adapt the idea to help young children collect precious memories from their first year at primary school all the way to their last. This is her story:

"My son is just coming to the end of his time in reception at primary school and I just can't believe how fast it has gone!

He's done an awful lot of fun things during his time there and both of us struggle to remember everything he has done.

After hearing about our Memory Box initiative, I decided to approach the school to see if they would allow me to go into the class and talk about memories. I also thought it would be a good idea to start a memory box with the children. The class teacher thought it was a fab idea.

My colleague, Sian and I designed a form that the children could use to record their memories from Reception class and the teacher sent this home to give the children and their families chance to talk about their memories and fill it in. I then went along to the class one afternoon and talked briefly with the children about memories and shared with them my earliest memory of learning to ride my bike.

All the children were very excited to tell me their memories. We then broke down into smaller groups to decorate the box to hold all their wonderful memories. The children drew around their hands, put their names on them and decorated them. I then helped to cut the hands out and stick them onto the box.


I will go into the class once a term as the children go through school to keep adding to the memory box.

Then when the children leave, they will be able to take all their wonderful memories of school away with them."


The school have been really impressed with Angela's idea and have invited her to come back in September to meet the new reception class and get them started with a memory box of their own.

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