Crowborough Funeralcare partners with the British Red Cross

New mobility aid service to be based at funeral home

When Lisa Kohler moved to Crowborough Funeralcare in January one of the first things she was determined to do was to utilise the large community room at the back of the funeral home. The space isn’t used by the branch but thanks to our colleagues has been made into a great usable space for charities, groups and societies.

Lisa spent a lot of time making calls to different groups to see if they had any need for the community room, which is offered free of charge. It was just by chance that she called the British Red Cross just as their two local mobility services in Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells were closing due to lack of premises.

The mobility service helps people to live as independently as possible by allowing them to borrow walking aids like wheelchairs and walking frames, and other items such as toilet frames and bathing aids.

They came and viewed the community room and the rest as they say is history. It was absolutely perfect for their needs and after a few weeks the service has now been up and running for four weeks and has been a great success.

Currently the service is running one day a week on a Wednesday, 11am until 2pm, but there are plans to open for a second day should the need arise. Sue Fage, pictured with Lisa, is a volunteer for the British Red Cross and she runs the mobility service at Crowborough.