Devon’s gift for Bradford City FC fan

Bradford City FC scarf

Preparing to say final goodbyes to a loved one is an incredibly difficult experience to go through. So when we get the chance to make a meaningful difference to a family and make that experience easier, it really is the best feeling possible.

Funeral Director at Garforth Funeralcare, Devon Clegg, had the opportunity to help a bereaved family due to her connection to a beloved football club, and she was only too happy to help.

When the family met with their celebrant they got talking about how important Bradford City Football Club was and still is to all of them. The whole family were season ticket holders and never missed a game. The celebrant mentioned that Devon’s dad, Tony Clegg, used to play for Bradford City and asked them if it would offer them any comfort for her to conduct the funeral. The gentleman’s wife was absolutely thrilled and requested that Devon conduct the funeral, saying how much it would have meant to her husband.

Devon's Gift - Tony Clegg

Devon mentioned the gentleman to her dad, and in a lovely gesture he wrote two cards for her to pass along. One was to the family, and one was for the gentleman himself, thanking him for his support and dedication. The family were so pleased with the cards that during the service they left it on top of the coffin for everyone to see, and even put a photocopy of it inside.

Devon's Gift - Card

Such a small gesture from Mr Tony Clegg, but one that made a world of difference to this family.

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