Balloons and a collection of easter eggs in a bright arrangement in a funeral home.

Dartford’s “Magic” Easter Card Contest

The team at Dartford Funeralcare challenged children in their local schools to put their creative talents to the test by designing their best Easter Cards.

The children were competing to win a fantastic array of Easter Eggs and chocolate all donated by colleagues at the surrounding Co-op Food stores, but more than this, the winning cards would be printed and sold to raise money for the fantastic charity: Magic Breakfast.

Magic Breakfast is an amazing charity that aims to make sure no child is too hungry to learn by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools. A hungry child is unable to concentrate and so will miss out on half a day’s education every day, if not given anything to eat.

The cards were all amazing, so to choose the winners they invited the Mayor to come and pick a first, second and third place. The winners were chosen and the Mayor will be helping once again by accompanying the team to the school assemblies, where the prizes will be handed out.

Dartford Easter Card

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