Lisa Box from Arnold Funeralcare volunteering for the Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes.

Funeral Director by day, blood bike volunteer by night

On her days off from directing funerals, Lisa Box from Arnold Funeralcare volunteers for the Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes.

Lisa Box literally goes the extra mile to help her community

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes is a service, which relies completely on their volunteers, to provide an out-of-hours, emergency transport service to the NHS, delivering blood and other urgent medical items between hospitals in and around Nottinghamshire.


The bikes and their riders stand out in the crowd with their hi-vis livery and jackets, and are able to get quickly but safely through heavy traffic to reach their destination sooner, and ultimately help save patients’ lives.

Volunteers like Lisa not only provide this fantastic service to the NHS, they also give up their spare time to raise awareness of what they do, by attending events like county shows and school fairs, and they even fundraise too!

They’re an amazing bunch of people doing a vital role and we couldn’t be prouder to call Lisa our colleague.

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