reindeers and blankets - Neonatal Unit gift

A special gift for Rotherham's Neonatal Unit

Christmas is more than giving and receiving presents, but we were really touched to hear how our colleague Sam Ward has been able to give some lovely gifts to the Neonatal Unit at Rotherham Hospital thanks to the help of her community

Sam delivers beautiful blankets and toys to the hospital

After speaking to a nurse in the unit about what she wanted to do, she reached out to her local community to ask for their help. A kind member of the community volunteered to knit 16 colourful blankets and baby hats – the number of babies in the unit. But to really bring the gifts together Sam wanted to include a little teddy with each bundle. She found Joanne Sayles on social media selling small reindeer toys and sent a message asking to buy them. After hearing why she needed so many, Joanne very kindly offered to donate all 16 free of charge.

Finally, local florist Debbie Jackson put the cherry on top by neatly gift wrapping the packages so they were looking their best. Together with colleague Graeme, Sam was then able to take all the gifts to the hospital where the nurses there were amazed with what they were able to bring for the babies.

Sam commented “Thank you to everyone for what they did to help us achieve this small gesture of care towards the families. We are all just very happy to help in any small way we can.”

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