Husband and wife stood in front of a hearse.

Love, marriage and funeral directing

When Craig and Alison embarked on their careers in the funeral industry I think it’s safe to say they weren’t expecting to find love along the way.

Meet our Funeralcare Mr and Mrs

Somewhere between becoming training partners when Alison first got a FD position at Washington Funeralcare, and becoming best friends, the couple fell in love and, fast forward to now, are married.

So what are the pros and cons of working with your partner, especially in the funeral industry? We got together with Craig and Alison to find out…

Is it difficult working together?

Craig: Luckily we have had no problems working together as we are best of friends. However, when we come to work we are professional and do our jobs. If nothing else, the families we look after love that we have a husband and wife funeral directing team and a lot take comfort from it. We actually have been asked to look after a funeral together and conducted a funeral together.

Alison: Not at all, I love working with Craig. We are such a great team – it’s brilliant working with your best friend every day. We are both very professional when we’re at work and want what’s best for all our families we look after.

What’s your favourite thing about working together?

Alison: We both know how demanding this job can be so the best thing is being able to support each other. There’s been times when either I’ve been out to a family or Craig has and you get a phone call saying “can I just pick your brains” and we always know the other one has the answer and can help out. Families think it’s great when they find out both husband and wife are looking after their loved ones.

Craig: One of the best things I like about working with Alison, is when either of us have had a bad day or a funeral that has affected us that we are able to talk to each other, we know and understand the needs of the business and how demanding our job is.

Do you get to work together on funerals a lot?

Craig: We used to always work together, and I loved working with Alison on funerals. It’s always a comfort when you work alongside someone who knows just what you expect from a funeral and who has the same standards as you. The best feeling in the world is being on a funeral with your wife and watching how she conducts herself and just how much care she has for her families. She is truly one of the best.

Alison: Not as much as what we used to, which is a shame because I loved being on the same funeral as Craig because we work so well together. We would bounce off each other and know exactly what each other wants and needs on a funeral. I feel very proud when I see Craig conducting a funeral and looking after a family. He has very high standards and expects nothing but the best.

What do your friends/family think of your shared career?

Alison: Our family and friends are very proud of what do together. My father-in-law and brother-in-law are also funeral directors for the Co-op and our family think it’s amazing we have a career that we both enjoy.

Craig: Our family are all funeral directors; my father, my brother, Alison and I. The rest of our family love what we do and think we are truly lucky to be able to have a job that we love and get so much enjoyment from.

What advice would you give to a couple wanting to get involved in the funeral industry?

Craig: I would say to go for it, I never thought that I would enjoy working my partner, but I was very wrong. We get so much enjoyment from it and we bounce off each other, we get to share a job we love together. What other couple gets to spend as much time together as we do.

Alison: To go for it, we love it and we’re both passionate about what we do. The fact that we are able to share that with each other every day is a true privilege. When you come to the of the funeral there is nothing that makes me prouder than paging in front of the hearse knowing you have done everything you can for that family. Apart from watching your other half doing the same, knowing how much they have gone above and beyond for our clients.

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