Heather Jones with two children and a view of outside a funeral home.

Meet the team at Malvern Funeralcare

When Heather Jones came to work as a Funeral Arranger at our funeral home in Malvern, she was completely new to the industry. Here's how she's getting on in her new role.

Community is King

Running the funeral home mainly on her own, she could have been forgiven for thinking she’d be on her own a lot of the time. But she was wrong. The community of Malvern welcomed her with open arms and she was shocked to find people already knew her name and were coming in to introduce themselves and generally have a chat. We asked her how she is finding her new career…

What made you choose the funeral industry?

I come from a background of Retail, Orange PCS Ltd / EE, so the mobile phone market, very different to what I do now. I am very much a people person so I love working with the families and my colleagues.

How do you feel about your role?

I love it, I have found my vocation. I love helping people, I am such a people person. I go home feeling that I have made a difference.

Have you gotten involved in the community?

I run a bereavement group on the last Wednesday of every month and have approximately 18 members at a little café a few doors down from the funeral home.

What’s your most memorable funeral?

All of them. I have met the loveliest people. I feel that every funeral is special and unique in its own way. I love getting to know the family and hearing about their loved ones. So many stories, happy times and experiences. I feel I could write a book already.

I even looked after my own Grandmother and her funeral was last Wednesday. I stood up and read my Grandfathers Eulogy which was so hard. I was so close to my Nan that my daughter, Ruby, is named after her.

I like to look after all of my clients to the best of my ability. It is such an emotional time for them all and hopefully I bring a quality that helps them through what is a difficult time. I lost my husband in a road traffic accident back in 2009 so I know what it is like to lose a partner. My little girl was 15 months old at the time so I feel I have experience in the grief and the distress it can cause.

Doing this job gives me so much satisfaction and helps me be a better person.


Heather and her children, Malvern funeral home and the view from her window.


Heather's late Nan, Ruby Thompson.

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