Laptop with an online tributes page open

Online tributes and donations

As part of our service for every funeral, you have the option to set up an online tribute page for your loved one.

A digital tribute for your loved one

Our online tribute enables you to:

  • share details of the funeral service with family and friends, including date, time, location and any instructions for people attending
  • collect ‘in memory’ donations for your chosen charities, including Gift Aid
  • add and share messages, pictures, stories, music and videos that help you and the people around you to remember and celebrate your loved one’s life

You can keep your personalised tribute page for as long as you want to, meaning it stands as a lasting memorial to the life of the person you loved.

How it works

1. If you decide you’d like an online tribute, your Co-op Funeral Director will set up the page for you.

2. You’ll receive an email with log-in details so you can make changes and look after the page.

3. You can share the link to the page with family and friends as soon as you want to.

4. Anyone with the link can view the page, share their own memories and securely make a donation.

5. All donations are sent directly to your chosen charities (minus a small processing fee for MuchLoved, the charity providing the service on our behalf).

To find out more about our online tributes and donations service, contact your local Co-op funeral home.

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The service is provided in partnership with MuchLoved, a registered UK charity that supports bereaved people. Donations are processed by the charity MuchLoved. To cover the costs of processing, which include Gift Aid and reporting to charities, there is a fee of 3.2% to MuchLoved and a 1.3% payment card fee. As a charity service, this is on a not-for-profit basis.