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Urns, caskets and keepsakes

Blue and gold urn placed on a sideboard.

We have a carefully chosen range including caskets and urns for burial of ashes, containers for scattering ashes, and urns and keepsakes for keeping ashes at home.

We understand how important it is for you to do right by your loved ones when choosing a final resting place for their ashes. Time needs to be taken to reflect on the choices available and to make the right decision for you and your family. We’re here to help and guide you with that decision and to explain all of the options you have.

For burial

For many, the way to say farewell to a loved one is by burying the ashes in a special or respectful location, perhaps accompanied by a ceremony where everyone can join together. Many items in our range of caskets and urns for burial have been created to have no lasting impact on the environment.

We have a range of options from traditional wooden caskets, picture caskets, and a range of alternative urns made of a variety of materials.

burial urns burial urn 1

For scattering

Maybe you would prefer the ashes scattered at the crematorium or scatter them at a place that had special meaning for your loved one, such as a woodland burial ground, or even in their garden.

Our range of is designed to release the ashes with ease, ensuring a simple and respectful occasion.


For keeping at home

For some, keeping the ashes of a loved one close, at home where they belong, can bring great comfort and reassurance. You might choose to have the ashes in an urn on the mantelpiece, or to be kept in a statue to be displayed in the garden.

memories07 at home 2 buddha-on-plinth


You may want to give small keepsakes to family and friends so that they too will have a special remembrance of the person they love. All of the keepsakes in the range are designed to contain a small quantity of ashes.

We have heart keepsakes handcrafted in a range of materials and a range of mini urns suitable for the home.

mini-urn white-rose-heart anoka-blue

To see our full range of urns, caskets, keepsakes as well as prices download our brochure, or speak to your local funeral director.

Save when you buy memorial keepsakes together

We’ve created 3 collections of our most popular memorial keepsakes that compliment each other, saving you money when you buy them together. To order a collection with 20% off or to find out more about our keepsakes range, contact your local Co-op funeral director.

See our keepsake and memorial collections