• Close up of a white stone egg on a stand
  • White stone egg on a stand
Close up of a white stone egg on a stand White stone egg on a stand

Egg Urn


This timeless egg urn is an organic lava stone design, fit with a lid for ease. To be placed in the garden, this unique keepsake will naturally weather over time, growing layers of moss and blending beautifully into its surrounding environment, becoming part of nature itself.

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Outside Natural Biodegradable

It's in the details

Countryside image with green hills and trees and sunlight


We all want to look after the planet. This eco-friendly product has been created with this in mind. Designed to avoid disturbing nature, this item has been created using sustainable materials.

Grey urn with a white star decoration on a white mantelpiece

Mini Options

Alongside an outdoor garden urn, you might want to keep a small amount of ashes as a keepsake, which is where mini urns are an ideal choice. You can select from an array of designs. Speak to your funeral director to the full range of mini urns.

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