• Silver metal urn with metal petals
Silver metal urn with metal petals

Lotus Garden Urn


Crafted with a protective coating, this stainless steel lotus urn is designed for the outdoors. Designed for the garden, this is the ideal choice for those that are passionate about nature.

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Stone buddha head on a stand in a garden next to a pond

Garden Urns

Coated with a protective layer, our garden urns are designed to withstand the great British weather. Each urn is carefully hand-finished and secured for a timeless reminder.

Grey urn with a white star decoration on a white mantelpiece

Mini Options

Alongside an outdoor garden urn, you might want to keep a small amount of ashes as a keepsake, which is where mini urns are an ideal choice. You can select from an array of designs. Speak to your funeral director to the full range of mini urns.

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