• Three walking sticks in different colours at an angle
Three walking sticks in different colours at an angle

Tolad Walking Stick


For those that are passionate about hiking, the tolad walking stick is a unique way to scatter ashes across a hiking trail. With each step, a small amount of ashes will be released from the staff allowing you to gradually scatter ashes. Ideal for those that are passionate about the outdoors and nature.

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Scattering Natural Unique

It's in the details

Short haired person with a canvas backpack walking down a country lane


We all want to look after the planet. This eco-friendly product has been created with this in mind. The slow release of ashes from this walking stick is designed to avoid disturbing nature.

Hand holding a green walking stick

No assembly required

The walking stick arrives fully ready for use. The only thing you’ll need to think about is where you want to head out on your memorial walk.

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