The secure way we connect to your GP surgery means that you can order the medication you need from your list of repeat medications.

To set up the secure connection we’ll ask you for 2 unique codes that you get from your GP surgery.

How to get the codes

  1. Go to your GP surgery, in person, with photo ID and proof of your address. If you’ve got these codes in the past you might be able to request them again by phone. If you’re unsure, check with your GP surgery.
  2. Ask for access to ‘online services’ for ‘3rd party systems’. The codes we need are:
    • a ‘linkage key’ or ‘passphrase’ - this is a 12 to 16 digit code, a mixture or letters and numbers
    • an account ID - this is a 6 to 13 digit numerical code
  3. You’ll usually be given, or sent, a letter with the codes on.

If you have the codes, you can download the Co-op Health app and order your repeat prescription today.

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