Checking the nutrition label is a good way to compare products, make healthier choices and eat a balanced diet. Red, amber and green colours show at a glance whether a product is high, medium or low for fat, saturates, sugars or salt.

When it comes to portions, check the pack for the portion size, this is what the numbers on the nutrition label are based on.

For your daily allowance, Reference Intake (RI) has replaced the term Guideline Daily Amount or GDA. The numbers on the label show you how many calories and how much fat, saturates, sugars and salt a portion of food or drink contains, both in number of grams and as a share (%) of your daily allowance (RI).

Aim to stay below 100% of your daily allowance (RI) for calories, fat, saturates, sugars and salt when you add up everything you consume in a day.

To make the choice that is right for you, use the calorie information to compare products. Check the pack for the number of calories there are in a portion and 100g of a food or 100ml of drink.

Healthier choices in store

Our Well & Good Range offers products for those customers who are looking for easy to spot healthier choices to help with them with controlling calories, reducing fat intake, eating more of their 5 a day etc.

Look out for our messages on front of pack, highlighting positive benefits such as high protein, low saturated fat, 1 of your 5 a day etc across various products to make it easier to spot healthier products.

Look out for these logos on front of pack which highlight that a product is suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. We also provide a full list of all the ingredients in our products on the back of pack so you can check that the product is suitable for you. A list of our products suitable for vegetarians and vegans is available on the FAQs page.


Pre-packed products
If you have any allergies, please always check our labels to make sure a product is suitable for you. Any allergens in our products will be highlighted in bold in the ingredients list on the back of pack.

Sometimes products can change so make sure you always check the ingredients before purchasing/consuming. Where possible, we will always try to highlight the allergy update flash on front of pack to highlight changes.

Loose products
Please see allergens in bakery