Co-op supports parkrun, the UK's largest running movement. Together we want to create a healthier community through exercise, food and lifestyle.

  • Swap beige food for something more colourful - see if you can make meals with 5 different colours in to get you closer to your 5 a day
  • Swap a sprinkle of sugar on your breakfast cereal for a topping of fruit
  • Swap the snooze button for a healthy breakfast - get up early and make something to set you up for a great day
  • Swap eating out for eating in and try out some new recipes with friends and family
  • Swap being wasteful for being resourceful - be creative with leftovers this week and challenge yourself not to throw anything away
  • Swap sugar or sweetener in your hot drinks this week for… nothing - you’ll be amazed how much you don’t miss it!
  • Swap out white bread, pasta and rice for wholemeal or wholegrain alternatives. You could also swap pasta for courgette or other spiralised veg.
  • Swap standard potatoes for sweet potatoes this week, they have twice the fibre and twice the calcium
  • Swap meat for vegetables or pulses for added fibre and to get you closer to your 5 a day. This week why not try having a Meat Free Monday?
  • Swap fizzy sugary drinks for no added sugar drinks, water or fruit infused water - try a different fruit everyday this week to find your new favourite combination (remember to drink 6-8 glasses per day)