Responsible drinking

We’ve been working in partnership with the 'Drinkaware Trust' since 2007 to promote responsible drinking. Check out their website page for lots of information including tips on how to reduce your intake and helpful apps to help you monitor your drinking.

It’s recommended that you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol spread evenly over a week to help you keep health risks to a low level. To learn about the effects that alcohol can have on your body, visit the Drinkaware website.

Here's to your health!

Cutting back on alcohol can improve your health, mental and physical well-being. Here are our top tips to help you enjoy alcohol responsibly, cut down on your drinking and stay healthy:

  • Always measure spirits – don't pour them freely
  • Don't fill your glass to the brim
  • Choose white wine spritzers or lager shandies
  • If you like higher strength beers, have a half instead of a pint
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks
  • Drink water in between alcoholic drink to help you stay hydrated
  • Try non-alcoholic drinks such as mocktails or low alcoholic drinks
  • Try alcohol free days - check out the Drinkaware app


Alcohol and pregnancy

The Department of Health recommends that pregnant women, or women trying for a baby, avoid alcohol altogether.

First with calorie labelling

In 2002, we were the first retailer to label calories on our own-label beers, wines and spirits. So always check the label to make an informed choice.

What is an alcohol unit?

Alcohol units tell you how strong your drink is. One unit is 10ml of pure alcohol. On average it takes around an hour for our bodies to process one unit of alcohol.

What does ABV mean?

This stands for Alcohol By Volume. A bottle of wine with 13% ABV wine will contain 13% pure alcohol so the higher the % ABV the stronger the alcohol.