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Helping Co-op members during Coronavirus

Co-op Health pharmacy service

Our online pharmacy service makes ordering repeat prescriptions easy. When the country went into lockdown in March, the app played an important role in delivering medication to our members.

How Co-op Health helped during Coronavirus

Many people don’t think twice about popping to their local pharmacy. But for a variety of reasons, such as illness, or childcare or work commitments, it might not always be that easy. That’s where the Co-op Health app can help – by enabling people to order medication from their mobile phone or tablet.

Making life more convenient

Frank Wilson and his wife, from Liverpool, are in the shielding category, so having items delivered to their door during lockdown has been a real help.

"I downloaded the app about 12 months ago. The difference between ordering prescriptions through my phone and going into my pharmacy to collect medication has become increasingly clear – one’s easy and one’s troublesome!"

Co-op Health support during Coronavirus pandemic

And while Frank has enjoyed finding his way around the app, he says his wife is a little more resistant.

"She is a bit of a technophobe, so I’m trying to convince her that, once you are set up, it’s really easy to use."

By setting up an NHS login, and confirming your identity, it’s quick and easy to securely access digital health services with a single username and password – while being safe in the knowledge that your personal information is protected.

A helpful reminder

Kitt Huntington told us how useful the reminders are:

"I need to have medication delivered every four weeks and so the app’s reminder function is great. Missing a day would make things very challenging. I need medication to manage my pain, and without it I wouldn’t be able to work. Also, some of the medication I take can’t be suddenly stopped – it has to be a gradually reduced. Without the reminders and order updates, I might run out or only have a few days left – and would then need to call the GP surgery to say I’ve messed up!"

"I need to have medication delivered every four weeks"

When speed and security matter

Based in near Halifax, Kitt also signed up to the app around a year ago, after becoming increasingly frustrated with her previous pharmacy.

"I’d often find my prescription wasn’t ready, or there would be various items waiting to be fulfilled. I’m disabled and it’s not always convenient to drive to the pharmacy. And of course, not having to go there in person became vital during lockdown as I have some underlying health conditions, such as asthma."

Medications from Co-op Health

In May, a sinus infection meant that Kitt urgently needed access to antibiotics.

"I managed to get a doctor’s appointment and sent Co-op a message via the app – I received a reply saying they were parcelling up my prescription, and it arrived the following day."

Because the free delivery service is through Royal Mail, patients can allocate a safe place for their parcel to be left, should they not be at home.

"I’m grateful that I have three different postmen who work around here – they understand it takes me a while to get to the door and, if I’m not in, they know what to do."

Committed to supporting members

Another user of the app, Eram Akram from Manchester, said she was able to receive ad hoc items quickly:

"This meant I didn’t need to leave the house, which during the height of Covid-19, was really important to me. I’m a single parent, so I wanted to avoid having to go out, where possible."

We are committed to supporting our members during this difficult time, and beyond. Find out how to order repeat prescriptions that are delivered free to your door.

"This meant I didn’t need to leave the house, which during the height of Covid-19, was really important to me"