Co-op Health updates on coronavirus

Last updated: Monday 10th August

We’re pulling together, it’s what we do.

Co-op Health is working to support our members and customers through one of the most challenging times in our recent history. With the Government's control measures designed to slow the spread of the virus, the delivery services that we offer will help to support the most vulnerable members of our communities, as well as helping everyone reduce their contact with others.

Meeting demand

  • The coronavirus outbreak caused very high demand for our free home delivery service.
  • We worked hard to increase capacity as much as we can, as fast as we can to meet this demand.
  • We are still working closely with our suppliers and partners to make sure we can continue providing a good service at this time.

NHS guidance on coronavirus

You can find full guidance on coronavirus on the NHS website.

What is Co-op Health doing to support the Health Service during this pandemic?

Co-op Health uses advanced technology to link directly into your GP’s system. This reduces the administrative burden on the NHS by freeing up GP surgery time to support patients at need. When you place an order through our website or our mobile app, your GP receives a notification in their system, and can quickly and easily approve your order.

If you select to have your medicine delivered by Co-op Health, our dedicated pharmacy team will then prepare and dispatch your order to your home – at no additional cost to you or the NHS.

Co-op Health has a large, dedicated pharmacy operation based in St. Helens in the north of England. From here, prescription requests are reviewed by our team of experienced pharmacists, before being packed and sent via Royal Mail straight to your door. We also offer a collection service in our stores with in-store post offices.

Choosing to have your medicine delivered by Co-op Health means that there are no unnecessary visits to a local pharmacy, further reducing your contact with others and reducing the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

The pharmacy operation is working around the clock to ensure that medication is delivered in a safe and timely manner, at a time of unprecedented demand. Service updates can be found by clicking here.