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How to choose offers

New offers are available from Mondays.

You can choose 2 offers every week.

Tap or click the ‘What’s included’ button to find out which products you can get money off.

Press or click the ‘Choose this offer’ button to choose an offer and we’ll add it to your membership card. Once you’ve chosen an offer, you can’t swap it for another one.

How to use offers

Go to the ‘On your card’ tab to see the 2 offers you’ve chosen.

Visit a Co-op Food store and shop for items included in your offers, then scan your card or key fob at the till to redeem your offers.

Each offer can only be used once. You can use your offers in conjunction with other in-store offers and discounts.

You’ll need to redeem your offers by 11.59pm on Sunday when we’ll delete any that you haven't used.

How we decide what offers to give you

We base the offers we give you on the items you’ve bought from us when you’ve scanned your Co-op membership card.

We’ll give you offers on:

  • items you’ve bought before
  • items similar to those you’ve bought before that we think you’d like to try

This means you may see the same offer more than once.

If you’ve recently become a member or don’t scan your membership card when you shop with us, we won't know what you like to buy. This means you might see offers that aren’t personalised to you at first.

The more you shop at Co-op using your membership card, the more we learn about what you buy with us. This means we can personalise your offers more.

Get help with Offers