Student discount

Student life can be hectic and it's tempting to fill yourself up with something quick and dirty. At Co-op, we want to encourage all students to eat food that is delicious, nutritious and simple to make.

Living and cooking on a budget isn't as easy as it sounds with rent, clothes, food and, of course, nights out to consider. That's why we're making life just a little easier - shop with us using your TOTUM, NUS Extra card, NUS Apprenticeships card, Young Scot card to receive 10% off.

Terms and conditions apply. For more information visit the relevant discount card site.


NUS Extra

NUS Apprenticeships

Young Scot

Great tasting food isn't difficult to create. Pop into Co-op and grab yourself the low cost ingredients that go into recipes designed to fit around your lifestyle. Use our how to videos to perfect your culinary skills and soon your friends will be flocking around to yours for dinner.