An excess is the amount of money you pay towards a claim on your car insurance, even if you aren't to blame for any loss or damage.

We take the excess out of any payment we make to you, or to the garage who fix your car.

How much you pay depends on which excesses apply.

You can add a voluntary excess when you buy your car insurance, and this is added to the standard excess. This can be between £50 and £350, in units of £50.

This might make your car insurance a bit cheaper, but make sure you can afford to pay the excess in case you have to make a claim

There are other excesses that might apply:

  • young driver excess applies to drivers under 25 and is £200 (£300 if under 21)
  • inexperienced driver excess applies to drivers over 25 who have had a full driving licence for less than a year and is £150.

You'll be able to see what excesses apply to you in your policy details.

If you’re an existing customer please refer to your policy documents and booklets for details of all excesses which may apply.

Can I claim the excess back if the accident wasn’t my fault?

You may be able to claim your excess back from the person to blame for the loss or damage.

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