You’ll qualify to protect your no claim discount if you’ve:

  • earned five years’ discount or more
  • not made more than one claim in the last three years.

You can pay extra to protect the no claim discount you've earned and the associated discount (but not the cost of the premium) when you renew.

Adding protected no claim discount

You can add protected no claim discount as an option when you buy or renew.

If you make a claim

Your level of discount will be protected, but not necessarily the cost of your premium.

For example:

  • you’ve got a 5 year no claim discount that gives you a 70% discount on your premium, discounted to £300, based on a standard premium of £1,000
  • you make a claim. You’ve protected your no claim discount, so you keep your 5 years and 70% discount
  • the cost of your policy has gone up at renewal, so next year you’ll pay £330, based on a standard premium of £1,100, even though you’ve still got a 5 year no claim discount.

You’ll lose your protection if you make more than two claims in three years.

If you bought your Co-op Car Insurance from a price comparison website, you have our Ecoinsurance, and the protected no claim discount rules are different.

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