Car insurance discounts

No claim discount

A no claim discount, sometimes called a no claims bonus, is a discount your insurer gives you if there are no claims made against your policy.

We’ll let you carry on your no claim discount if you join us from another insurer; you can tell us about it in our online quote tool, or tell one of our advisers if you get a quote over the phone.

Proof of no claim discount

If you buy our insurance, we may ask for proof of your no claim discount. If so, we’ll include a pre-paid envelope with your insurance documents for you to send us your proof of no claim discount.

Don’t forget to include your Co-op policy number.

We’ll accept proof of no claim discount from any insurer based in:

  • the UK
  • the Channel Islands
  • the Isle of Man.

We cannot accept proof of no claim discount if it’s:

  • over two years old
  • used on another policy
  • not in your name.

You’ll find proof of no claim discount in your renewal pack from your current insurer, but a letter or email from your current insurer will also be accepted.

Protect your no claim discount

Subject to meeting the qualifying criteria you can pay extra to protect the no claim discount you've earned and the associated discount (but not the cost of the premium) when you renew.

Adding protected no claim discount

You can add protected no claim discount as an option when you buy or renew.

If you make a claim

Your level of discount will be protected, but not necessarily the cost of your premium.

For example:

  • you’ve got a 5 year no claim discount that gives you a 70% discount on your premium, discounted to £300, based on a standard premium of £1,000
  • you make a claim. You’ve protected your no claim discount, so you keep your 5 years and 70% discount
  • the cost of your policy has gone up at renewal, so next year you’ll pay £330, based on a standard premium of £1,100, even though you’ve still got a 5 year no claim discount.

You’ll lose your protection if you make two claims in three years.

Named driver no claim discount

We can give named drivers on an existing Co-op Car Insurance policy up to three years no claim discount when they apply for their own policy with us. That could be up to 65% off their basic premium.

How does it work?

  • ask your named drivers to get in touch on 03457 46 46 46^
  • their details are stored on our system, which will recognise the number of claim-free years of motoring they have enjoyed on your policy. It doesn’t matter if you or any other named drivers have made a claim – the discount is calculated on their personal driving history
  • named drivers start to earn their own no claim discount from age 19, so the first time they will be eligible for named driver no claim discount is from the age of 20, provided they have been claim-free on your policy and any other policy for the past 12 months.

Your named drivers could be entitled to:

  • 50% discount for one claim-free driving year
  • 60% for two claim-free driving years
  • 65% for three claim-free driving years.

Named driver discount terms and conditions

This benefit cannot be transferred to other companies. Renewal documentation will only show the amount of no claim discount the named driver has earned on their own policy.

This benefit is not available if the named driver (or any other driver included on the new policy) has been convicted of a motoring offence in the last four years or has a prosecution pending (parking offences or a single speeding offence per driver will be ignored).

Please note that the NCD earned can only be used on one policy at a time, it cannot be shared across two policies.

If the policy is cancelled before the end of the policy year, no discount will be earned for that year.

Member discount

We’ve put together a special offer on car insurance where you’ll get an exclusive member price.

This offer is subject to our ability to match your details with those on our membership database.

We may not be able to do this if you haven’t told Co-op Membership about a change of:

  • name
  • address.

Your details may not appear on the database immediately, even if you’ve received your membership card.

Find out more about the membership offer for car insurance.