Co-op Ecoinsurance is the UK’s first car insurance policy to include carbon offsetting as part of the cover.

It’s better for the environment, and for you:

  • we’ll offset 10% of your car’s CO2 emissions* by investing in projects that reduce rainforest deforestation in Sierra Leone, provide safe drinking water in Kenya, and provide stoves that use less fuel in India and Kenya,
  • we work with our approved repairers to use recycled parts to keep vehicles repairable where possible,
  • if your car has to be repaired after an accident, and you use a Co-op Insurance appointed repairer, we’ll give you a courtesy car to keep you on the road, subject to availability and eligibility,
  • you’re covered to drive in the EU for up to 30 days a year.

Optional extras

As well as great value comprehensive cover as standard, you can buy a range of optional extras to provide extra peace of mind.

  • breakdown cover (provided by the RAC),
  • motor legal expenses insurance (administered by Arc Legal Services with services provided by Carpenters Solicitors),
  • keycare cover (provided by Keycare),
  • no claim discount protection to protect your hard earned no claim record.

Manage your policy online

Using the online self service centre you can make changes to your policy, and download or print your documents anytime you want.

Fees and charges

There are charges that will apply to your Ecoinsurance policy in certain situations.

Cancellation fees

If you find that the product isn't for you the option to cancel is always available.

If either you or we cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving your policy documentation we will charge you £35 plus the cost for the amount of time you have been covered unless you have made a total loss claim in which case no refund will be given and all premiums would be due.

If either you or we cancel more than 14 days after receiving your policy documents we will charge you £50 plus the cost for the period of cover you have benefitted from. This is providing no claims have been made. If a claim has been made, or there has been an incident which may lead to a claim, no refund will be given and all premiums would be due.

For full details on cancellation fees please refer to your policy document.

Making changes to your policy

We charge a £15 administration fee if you need to change anything on your policy, such as:

telling us you’ve got a new car adding or removing drivers any change of cover, temporary or permanent. Please call us on 0344 412 2101^ to make the changes.

Copies of documents

We can also send paper copies through the post, on request.

Unpaid direct debit

When paying by direct debit, if it’s returned to us unpaid we’ll charge you £20.

We will then write to you, to let you know the new date that we will take the direct debit payment and the £20 charge. If we can't take the money this time, you will have to ring up and pay by credit/debit card to stop the policy being cancelled.

No claim discount

Proof of your no claim discount

We’ll need to see a copy of your renewal notice or a letter from your last insurer or broker, as proof of your no claim discount (NCD).

We can only accept it if:

  • it’s less than 2 years old,
  • it shows your NCD in years, the date the policy ended or was due to be renewed, and the car’s registration number,
  • you’re not using your NCD on another vehicle,
  • you earned it on a policy in the UK.

Your NCD entitlement is not affected by claims for:

  • damage to the windscreen, windows or glass sunroof (other than glass roof panels) only,
  • assistance with uninsured losses under the optional motor legal expenses cover (administered by Arc Legal Services with services provided by Carpenters Solicitors),
  • assistance under the optional car breakdown cover (in association with RAC),
  • assistance under the optional keycare cover (in association with Keycare).

Protect your no claim discount

You’ll qualify to protect your no claim discount if you’ve:

  • earned five years’ discount or more,
  • not made more than one claim in the last three years.

You can pay extra to protect the no claim discount you've earned and the associated discount (but not the cost of the premium) when you renew.

Adding protected no claim discount

You can add protected no claim discount as an option when you buy or renew.

If you make a claim

Your level of discount will be protected, but not necessarily the cost of your premium.

For example:

  • you’ve got a 5 year no claim discount that gives you a 30% discount on your premium, discounted to £350, based on a standard premium of £500,
  • you make a claim. You’ve protected your no claim discount, so you keep your 5 years and 30% discount,
  • the cost of your policy has gone up at renewal, so next year you’ll pay £385, based on a standard premium of £550, even though you’ve still got a 5 year no claim discount.

You’ll lose your protection if you make more than two claims in three years.

Make a car insurance claim

You can make a claim online or over the phone.

Let us know:

  • your name, address and policy number,
  • if any damage was caused or any property was lost,
  • if anyone was injured,
  • where and when the incident happened,
  • the other vehicle’s registration number,
  • the other driver’s, name, address, telephone number and insurance details.

We need a Police crime reference number if:

  • your car has been stolen,
  • your car has been damaged maliciously,
  • the other driver did not stop and give their details.

*Calculated from the average UK passenger car emissions of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases and travelling an average number of miles per year, based on government published figures, which are updated annually, from DfT and DfBEIS.

Co-op motor Ecoinsurance is arranged and administered by BISL Limited; registered in England and Wales under company number 03231094. Registered office: Pegasus House, Bakewell Road, Orton, Southgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 6YS. BISL Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under register number 308896.

^ Call charges may apply.

Calls may be monitored or recorded for security and training purposes.

Applicants for insurance are subject to normal underwriting criteria. Ecoinsurance is normally available to customers aged 22 to 70 only.